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david raisman
Jan 31st 2022
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Amazing clinic, the staff was very knowledgeable and my appointment was an amazing experience throughout the whole process. Highly recommend.
Maurizio Belmonte
March 24th 2021
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Knowledgeable staff, welcoming and such a pleasure to visit... looking forward to our next session...

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Psychologist (Toronto Location)

Our skilled Psychologists can assist you in enhancing your mental well-being, navigating daily life, and fostering an overall sense of wellness. 

Clinical Psychologists have undergone extensive training, holding either a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Psychology. They are proud members of The College of Psychologists of Ontario.  

Psychologists are among the qualified mental health experts equipped to provide precise therapeutic interventions for physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and interpersonal functioning. They can also provide psychological assessments and diagnosis for patients. 

Our dedicated Psychologists use many different evidence-based methods to steer our clients towards achieving their unique mental health goals. They have unparalleled expertise in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating mental health issues and cognitive disorders. Furthermore, they’re proficient in working with individuals of all age groups, including children, adolescents, and adults. 


Psychotherapists are highly trained registered healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping people enhance their mental well-being.

They undergo comprehensive training that includes supervised internships. Upon completion, these professionals can become registered members of either the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers or the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. 

Registered Social Worker

At HealthOne, we have Registered Social Workers who are experienced mental health professionals. These individuals have a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) from some of the best graduate schools in the field. 

Our social workers have extensive experience learning about the theories, social work practice, and have completed professional internships in the field. Once these milestones have been achieved, the professional is able to register with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, allowing them to practice psychotherapy. 

 A Registered Social Worker can help you with issues such as stress, mood disorders, anxiety, anger, depression, burnout, and much more. They will provide an individualized therapy treatment approach and help you work towards a life with improved mental well-being. 


adam brotherwood therapist in toronto

Adam Brotherwood

BSW, MSW, RSW – Registered Social Worker

Adam has provided counselling for over 10 years working with adults, children, youth, and families in Los Angeles and Toronto. He is a highly experienced Social Worker with specific experience in rehabilitation and chronic pain, providing counselling in regards to anxiety, depression, crisis, and life changes. Adam has trained and practiced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused, Narrative, hypnosis for anxiety and chronic pain, and family therapy. He strives to work with you in a non-biased, non-judgmental, supportive, and open approach. He also aims to create a caring environment for each one of his patients. By focusing on your values, goals, culture, and lived experiences, he will provide you with an effective and individualized therapy experience.


Adam can help with: Chronic Pain/Illness, Family Conflict, Anxiety, Relationships, Trauma, Depression, Insomnia, Life Transitions, LGBTQ+, Anger Management
Treatment Approach: Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment (ACT), Solution-Focused, Narrative
Works with: Individuals, Adolescents & Children, Families

Akanksha Ganguly

RP, D.OPC, MPH, HBSc – Registered Psychotherapist

Akanksha is a Registered Psychotherapist with over seven years of training and experience in psychotherapy. She has worked with diverse client populations including those facing trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, stress, burnout, fertility issues, and much more. Akanksha’s treatment approach focuses on resolving unresolved issues, promoting self-awareness, and facilitating personal growth. She can play a pivotal role in helping patients create lasting positive change. Additionally, Akanksha is pleased to offer counselling services to individuals, couples, and families. She graduated from the Ontario College of Psychotherapy and Counselling after completing a Masters of Public Health from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Health Promotion. Along with this, she is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and the Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy in good standing.


Akanksha can help with:Trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, Pre-natal,
Perinatal, Postpartum and Fertility Issues, Addictions,
disability/injuries, ADD/ADHD, Academic, Career and
Performance related issues including stress and
burnout, Borderline Personality Organization and
Narcissism, and Bipolar disorder.
Treatment Approach:Psychodynamic psychotherapy, trauma informed
therapy, EMDR, CBT, sex therapy, mindfulness-based
interventions and somatic-sensory approaches using
culturally competent models.
Works with:Individuals: Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Families


Mental-Health-Richard Utama

Richard Utama

Registered Social Worker

Richard is a Registered Social Worker who specializes in, and is passionate about, 2SLGBTQ+ mental health and well-being. He earned his Masters of Social Work degree in Mental Health and Health stream from the University of Toronto after earning a Bachelor of Social Work from Toronto Metropolitan University. Richard has over 10 years of experience in community and clinical settings. His areas of expertise are 2LGBTQ+ sexuality and gender identity formation, coming out and negative experiences with culture and community, body image, sexual health, substance use, and abuse, and non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships.

In addition to English, Richard is fluent and offers therapy in Bahasa Indonesia.


Richard can help with:
LGBTQ+: Sexuality and Gender Identity/Expression, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues: non-monogamy and polyamory, Substance use and addiction, Grief and loss, Trauma, Racial Identity
Treatment Approach:
– LGBTQ+ Affirming, Narrative
– Emotional Focused, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Existential
Works with:Individuals, Couples, Young Adults

Treatment Areas

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression can have a significant impact on your life. These conditions can exist individually or coexist with one another. Although they can be overwhelming, a dependable therapist can provide valuable assistance.  

Stress is a natural human reaction triggered by changes or perceived threats in our environment. It has the potential to take a toll on both physical and emotional well-being, causing a person to feel tense and uneasy. Stress often comes up in response to external factors, such as work. 

Anxiety, on the other hand, encompasses symptoms like excessive worry, fear, and nervousness. It can manifest temporarily or as a persistent, ongoing condition that often disrupts an individual’s quality of life. Anxiety can also present itself as an anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. 

Lastly, depression is a mood disorder characterized by ongoing feelings of sadness and a lowered interest in everyday activities. It is considered clinical when the emotions persist for two or more weeks. 

person experiencing stress anxiety and depression
two sad women dealing with grief together

Grief, Loss, Trauma & PTSD

Grief, loss, trauma, and PTSD can all be worked through with the support of a therapist. Grief and loss are often experienced after the loss of a loved one.

People may experience a wide range of emotions when dealing with grief such as intense sadness, frustration, disbelief, and confusion. Although loss is part of life, it can be difficult to go through alone. A therapist can provide considerable help during these times. Trauma, on the other hand, is a response to a particularly upsetting and distressing event. The person may feel different emotional and/or psychological responses as a reaction to this happening. In some cases, going through a traumatic experience can also lead to the development of a mental health condition called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This can cause unpleasant symptoms such as mood challenges, unwanted thoughts, and sleep disturbances.  

Relationships & Family Conflict

If you are dealing with issues in your relationship or family dynamics, a therapist can help you. It can be difficult to go through challenges with someone close to you in your life, but therapy offers you a safe space to explore those feelings with a trusted professional.

A variety of different struggles may arise in a relationship such as infidelity, trust issues, conflict, sexual problems, marriage issues, jealousy, and others. In family units, common problems can include illness, financial stress, jealousy, and more. No matter what type of issue you are facing in your relationship or family dynamics, a mental health professional can play a valuable role. They can provide professional insight into the best way to navigate these challenges and begin healing. We have both family and couples counselling at HealthOne to help you. 

couple in a relationship having a fight
two gay men in a relationship

LGBTQ+ & Sexuality

At HealthOne, we offer therapy for individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s important to have a therapist who offers this specific type of support.

Our professionals can help with issues around self-identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual health, and much more. We will provide a completely safe and inclusive space for you to discuss your challenges or concerns. Because we have worked extensively with individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, our mental health professionals have a deep understanding of the specific obstacles you may be facing. Additional topics you can explore during this time include anxiety, depression, stress, substance use, trauma, emotional issues, or anything else you might be going through.  

Substance Abuse & Addictions

It can be very difficult to struggle with substance abuse as it can affect not only your life, but the lives of those around you. There are many substances such as alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and prescription drugs that people can become addicted to.

By meeting with a therapist, you can begin to address these issues and discuss your feelings surrounding your use of the substance. A therapist can also support you if you have an addiction to something other than a substance such as gambling, alcohol, or gaming. Because these addictions can interfere heavily with other areas of life, having a therapist can be a very useful resource. Receiving mental health support is one of the first and best steps you can take towards a healthier and happier life.  

man refusing alcohol from addiction
upset couple in an argument needing therapy

Life Skills and Transitions

Seeing a therapist can be a great way to work on yourself personally. They can help you develop valuable life skills that equip you with the ability to navigate life’s challenges with more ease.

Examples of the areas that a therapist can support you include critical thinking skills, problem solving, communication, and decision making. They can also help you learn strategies and tools to deal with life’s challenges and troubling emotions that can arise. Another area therapists can support is life transitions. Whether you are changing jobs, dealing with a relationship ending, or recently loss an important person in your life, a therapist can help you navigate this change and cope with your emotions in a healthy way. They will provide a safe, comfortable space where you can build your confidence and self-worth.  


Individual Counselling

HealthOne’s team of therapists is here to offer you the support you require to overcome challenges in your life. Our dedication lies in delivering exceptional support and providing exceptional counselling and guidance for your unique needs. In an individual counselling session with a member of our team, you can explore a wide array of topics, such as wellness, personal growth, career transitions, grief, trauma, interpersonal relationships, eating disorders, mood-related concerns, anxiety, anger, and general mental well-being. 

Our professionals use an individualized approach for each client. Some examples of techniques they may use include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy, as well as specialized methods like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Gottman Method Couples therapy, Narrative therapy, expressive therapies and more. 

Over time, you will build a strong therapeutic connection with your therapist at HealthOne. The first step is to book a complimentary Meet & Greet session where you can speak with a team member before you book an initial consultation. 

Our therapists specialize in providing Individual Counselling.

upset couple in an argument needing therapy

Relationship and Couples Counselling

The team of therapists at HealthOne is well-equipped to provide counselling support to assist in managing challenging that may arise in your relationship.

Issues related to communication, trust, intimacy, transitions, parenting, grief, and trust can all be explored with the expertise of our team members.  

In couples counselling, you will collaborate with a therapist to cultivate and enhance your communication methods, interpersonal skills, and emotional regulation techniques. We focus on you and your partner, helping you work through issues from an honest, respectful, compassionate lens. There are a lot of challenges couples may face that can lead them to visit a couples counsellor. This can include reigniting passion, issues with marriage, disagreements and conflict, family planning challenges, infidelity, future goal setting, and more. 

A therapist can play a valuable role in helping you work through these issues together and improve your connection with one another. 

Our therapists specialize in providing Couples Counselling.

Family Counselling

At HealthOne, our team is skilled at providing ongoing support for families. This type of counselling helps to strengthen the bond between family members by using specific techniques and modalities.

This is a great option for two or more family members who have issues they would like to resolve or shared goals they hope to work towards during therapy. There might have been a recent event that you wish to work through, or ongoing challenges that have led you to seek the help of a therapist. 

Our team at HealthOne takes a custom and personalized approach with every individual and familial unit during therapy. We have experience providing therapy to individuals of all ages, as well as families of different sizes and couples. We do our best to empower each person and help them create positive change in their own lives and the lives of those around them. 

Our therapists specialize in providing Family Counselling.
upset parents dealing with financial issues
person with anxiety during an appointment

Anxiety Counselling

If you are struggling with anxiety, our experienced therapy team will provide customized counselling and treatment to support you. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns in North America, leading many individuals to seek out the support of a therapist.

It is a complex state of being where an individual anticipates a future situation to be upsetting, unpredictable, or threating to their well-being. 

When you experience anxiety, you may feel things such as tension, worry, intrusive thoughts that interfere with your day-to-day life, irrational fears, or find yourself avoiding certain situations that you believe will cause more anxiety or panic symptoms. 

The good news is that a mental health professional can play an integral role in helping you deal with anxiety. They will understand more about your unique experience and provide suggestions and tools to help you manage your symptoms. If you would like to meet a therapist to see if they are a good fit for your needs, we encourage you to book a free Meet and Greet appointment. 

Our therapists specialize in providing Anxiety Counselling.

Meet and Greet

If you are interested in speaking with one of our mental health professionals, you can book a virtual or in-person meet and greet.

During this short sesesion, you will meet with the practitioner to learn more about their style and approach to therapy. You can also ask any questions you have about working with them. 

We invite you to schedule a meet and greet session with multiple team members if you would like to get a sense of multiple people before booking your first appointment. 

woman speaking with a therapist during meet and greet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can therapy really help?

Therapy can be an incredibly useful tool if you are going through emotional challenges in your life. A skilled therapist can help you in many ways such as helping you navigate your feelings, learn valuable skills, and change patterns of behaviour that may be causing unpleasant symptoms in your life. Over time, many people find that speaking with a therapist helps them feel more in control of emotional issues. 

We want our clients to understand that although the benefits of therapy are not always immediate, they can accumulate and be incredibly beneficial over time. 

It’s important to remember that you can always be honest with your therapist. If you would like to discuss any components of your treatment approach, such as something you think is not working, you are always welcome to. 


Why go to therapy?

Mental health therapy can be incredibly beneficial for anyone and everyone. The primary goal is to improve your mental health and overall well-being. People often think they need a specific or significant issue going on in their life in order to speak with a therapist, but this is not true. Many people find it beneficial to speak with a therapist about all sorts of topics going on in their life without a specific diagnosis or issue. 

It can also be useful to speak with a therapist if you are dealing with a specific mental health concern or condition. Navigating these challenges alone can be incredibly difficult. When you speak with a therapist, you have a trusted professional you can confide in. This professional is skilled in supporting individuals through similar situations and will use their knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the situation with ease. 

HealthOne’s experienced team of mental health professionals can help you through a variety of challenges such as current circumstances (burnout, transitions, loss, work stress, immigration, break ups) or mood conditions such as depression and anxiety-related issues (anxiety disorder, panic, phobias, ADHD). 

What is online therapy?

Online therapy is a secure and convenient way to speak with a mental health professional. It is done over video chat or a phone call. This is a great option if you would like to speak with a therapist from the comfort of home or anywhere where you have a private space and stable internet connection. 

We do all of our online therapy sessions on a privacy-secured platform that is compliant with HIPPA. We welcome you to book a virtual appointment by clicking here!  

Is my therapy session confidential?

At HealthOne, we strongly believe in the importance of confidentiality during all forms of talk therapy. We understand that it is extremely necessary for you to know that your therapist will keep your session confidential so you can build an ongoing and trusting relationship with them.  

Our team members are legally and ethically bound to keep their sessions confidential. They will get your written consent to release personal health information about you to any other members of your health team, including a consultation about your treatment with your family doctor or psychiatrist. 

The only exception to this rule is if your therapist has a reason to believe you may harm yourself or others. In this case, they will return to appropriate resources to make sure that you (or others) are safe from any harm. 

How many sessions do I need?


You may seek short term therapy sessions, which are quick. This can be useful to help you reduce stress levels or find a solution to a circumstance in your life that could use short-term approaches. 



You may also seek medium term therapies. This can be useful for mood issues such as depression, relationship problems, or anxiety disorders. 


More involved therapies are also available. These are based on your unique case and typically apply to more stressful problems. For example, therapies can be used to help with ongoing and reoccurring problems such as patterns in relationships, mental illness, ongoing health conditions, and impulsive behaviours such as disordered eating, addictions, substance abuse, and trauma. 

How much is therapy at HealthOne?

Our therapy services provided by social workers and psychotherapists at HealthOne cost $185 for an individual session and $235 for couples counselling.

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