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Corporate Wellness

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An end-to-end program management solution to bring your corporate wellness program to new heights. Because now more than ever, your employees need your help.
corporate wellness

500,000 Canadians miss work each day due to mental health issues

corporate wellness

51% of Canadian workers have struggled with their mental health since the pandemic started

3 out of 5 Canadians older than 20 have a chronic illness

Our Programs


Workplace Wellness Programs

Our Chief Wellness Officers will increase employee engagement by delivering dynamic programs including workshops, assessments, experiences and events – all powered by our HealthOne Digital platform.
Corporate Wellness Our Programs

Professional Learning & Development

Our team will design a customized learning and development curriculum for your leaders, managers, and professionals that will help them and their teams grow, build resiliency , and strengthen their mental health.
Corporate Wellness_Our Programs

HealthOne Digital

We make it easy for your employees to stay connected and track their health. Experience the power of digital through wellness apps and platforms, health resources, activity tracking, wellness communities, challenges and so much more.

How Do We Do It?

What sets HealthOne apart is our unique combination of 100+ medical professionals, industry leaders and cutting-edge technology.

Our Pillars

It is our priority to provide each employee at your company with a enhanced workplace wellness experience.
01 ENGAGE employees and drive increased participation.
EDUCATE employees through enriching workshops and webinars.
ASSESS your workplace health with biometric screening, body composition analysis, wellness surveys, and reports.
INNOVATE your team’s experience by facilitating digital challenges and tracking.

Our Team

We’re proud to partner with 100+ health professionals who help to spearhead the development of our corporate wellness programs.
Our Programs have been designed and influenced by the:
01 Medical Expertise of Dr. Dhanjit Litt, Chief & Director of Medicine, Trillium Health Partners.
Wellness Expertise of Trionne Moore, Corporate Wellness Specialist (RHN, IOC Sport Nutritionist).
Corporate HR Expertise of Carolyn Buccongello, Industry Advisor and HR Leader.

Our Digital

In today’s virtual world, companies need to keep their employees healthy and inspired. HealthOne Digital is powered by Sprout to increase employee engagement.
01 ACCESSIBLE content available anywhere, anytime using desktop or mobile devices.
DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT through dashboards and scorecards which will entice your employees to participate.
GAMIFICATION of wellness activities to inspire your workforce to connect, get healthy and have fun!

What Makes Us Different?

Corporate Wellness_Its Time to create change

It’s Time to Create Change in Your Workplace.

Employees report increased satisfaction and retention when they work on teams that:
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    Invest in their learning

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    Share their values

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    Prioritize their wellness

Read More About Our Programs

Workplace Wellness Programs

Our Program will inspire and motivate your employees to reach their fullest potential.

  • EDUCATE your employees through workshops and webinars that are curated and delivered by our very own HealthOne professionals
  • ASSESS their health in unique ways, including individual Biometric Screening, Body Composition Analysis and a Health Analysis of your company ENGAGE your employees with virtual health consultations, on-site offerings, and participation-based initiatives
  • INNOVATE your workplace with exciting collaborations featuring FitBit, HeadSpace, and Village Juicery

Professional Learning & Development

Our Learning & Development programs will provide your team with a professionally designed curriculum that fosters personal growth and mental health resiliency. The unique program created for your organization will be:

  • Customized. Choose from a variety of program & session lengths (multi-day to multi-month) and styles (including seminars, webinars, workshops and targeted support groups).
  • Immersive. We apply modern adult learning principles to our programs to ensure your learners stay engaged and excited about their growth.
  • Educational. Select one or many health topics for your program to focus on. Examples include Performance & Self-Care, Leading Teams, and Communication & Relationships.

Medical & Wellness Advisory Services

Our Executive Health Programs ensure that the leaders at your company are always being properly cared for.

  • Health concierge to book and manage your executives’ health and wellness services
  • Annual assessments including physical exams, blood work, body composition analysis, and custom health and wellness plans
  • Exclusive offers, promotions, and rewards from HealthOne and leading industry partners

HealthOne Digital

Our innovative technology acts as the backbone of all HealthOne Corporate Wellness programming to take your employees’ experience from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

  • Stay connected to other employees with goals, challenges, leaderboards, and social streams
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your performance with activity tracking, insights, and analytics
  • Exclusive offers, promotions, and rewards from HealthOne and leading industry partners

Chief Wellness Officers

Our Chief Wellness Officers drive the leadership and management of all HealthOne Live Well programs.

  • Led by professionals with 10+ years of experience in the allopathic, holistic, and workplace wellness fields
  • Backed by 100+ professionals from our Medical, Dental, Rehab, Skin Care, Optometry, and Wellness departments
  • Dedicated to driving the health and wellness objectives of your company

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