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We partner with progressive companies to proactively manage employee’s health and wellness

Now more then ever, your team needs your help to

Live WELL, Think WELL, Move WELL 


The HealthOne Corporate Wellness Team consists of leading healthcare professionals committed to delivering first class care to patients both in-clinic and at the workplace.

We combine more than 20 years of experience,  100+ practitioners and healthcare experts from across all fields.  Our team excels in giving organizations the confidence that they can deliver on their promise to provide ‘workplace wellness’ to their employees.  With HealthOne, you will receive credible, first class, content rich programs to improve your team’s proactive and reactive health challenges.

No need to work with multiple health service providers – you can count on us as a reliable partner to begin your corporate wellness journey with.  


Now more than ever, employees are facing immense challenges that impact their daily functioning and work life balance.  Common concerns include increasing stress levels, new workplace expectations, balancing home responsibilities and/or loneliness.  These can lead to negative impact on individuals’ mental health, concentration and ability to perform at high levels.

The new reality is making employers significantly more accountable for the mental health and well-being of their employees.  Individuals need to feel supported, and committing to a workplace wellness program is an excellent step your organization can take during these critical times.




  • Inspire your employees to participate with programs delivered by our engaging and certified Chief Medical & Wellness Officer
  • Evolve your workplace culture through on-site and virtual education sessions, and innovative assessment methods tied to practical wellness engagement



  • Delivered by HealthOne’s Chief Medical & Wellness Officer
  • Leverage their advice, support, implementation for any health or wellness workplace challenges, including best practices and advisory surrounding COVID-19



  • Personalized health & wellness for your leadership team so they can focus on driving your business
  • Let us take the “work/life balance” off your executives’ task list and arrange it all for them


HealthOne is an industry leader in providing comprehensive corporate wellness programs.  By partnering with us, your employees will participate in onsite, virtual, and in-clinic health and wellness experiences to nurture and engage your most valuable asset… your people.  


Get in touch with our Corporate Wellness Team to learn more.

Nitin Panchal – Director of Corporate Wellness


Live Well

Workplace Wellness Programs


HealthOne’s flagship program will inspire your employees to reach their fullest potential


Transform your company culture by providing educational materials that inspire your team to stay accountable

  • Workshops & webinars covering topics under three main pillars:  Live Well, Think Well & Eat Well 
  • Organizational or departmental Surveys to understand current state, challenges & opportunities
  • Newsletters & employee communications
  • On-site visits from HealthOne’s Chief Wellness Officer 


Outsource the management of health-related workplace events to our Chief Wellness Officer and Practitioners

  • Mental Health Consults
  • Naturopathic, Dietitian & Nutrition Consults
  • On-Site Massages & Physiotherapy
  • Functional Movement Assessments
  • Flu Shot Clinics


Leverage our expert practitioners by having your workforce assessed on their journey to better health and well-being

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Calculate your organizational health goals
  • Implement your health & wellness scorecards
  • Track & improve your health tracker


Establish your organization as a leader in employee care by being the first to embrace health and wellness practices

  • Fitbit Challenge Community
  • Muse & Headspace Meditation Rooms
  • Village Juicery Nutrition Sessions & Cleanses
  • Oura & Fitbit Sleep Challenges