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Our modern healthcare centre is warm, inviting, and inspiring. Visit the clinic you'll actually look forward to going to.

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Collaboration is what we do best. Our team works together under one roof so you receive the best possible care.

We have three core beliefs that influence everything we do: unification, innovation, and community.

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HealthOne Medical and Wellness Centre is a multi-disciplinary practice with 8 medical practices all under one roof including Medical Walk-In, Dentist, Optometry, Rehab, Wellness, Mental Health, Skin Clinic, and Pharmacy.

We’re located in the One York Tower downtown Toronto and in North York.

At HealthOne, our practitioners are passionate, caring, and do their absolute best to live the same lifestyles every day as they would recommend to you.

Healthcare Should Be Simple

HealthOne redefines how healthcare is delivered in Toronto. Our mission is to transform your experience of healthcare by bringing together a comprehensive set of services complemented by innovative technology while advocating for a life that is not only free from disease, but truly inspired.

We wake up in the morning excited by our mission to help you live a healthy life and be the best version of yourself.

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