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About HealthOne

A Little About Us

Located in the One York tower, HealthOne redefines how healthcare is delivered to Toronto’s emerging South Core district. Our mission is to transform your experience of healthcare by bringing together a comprehensive set of services complemented by innovative technology while advocating for a life that is not only free from disease, but truly inspired.

At HealthOne, our practitioners are passionate, caring, and do their absolute best to live the same lifestyles every day as they would recommend to you. We wake up in the morning excited by our mission to help you live a healthy life and be the best version of yourself.

What is an Inspired Life?

An inspired life is one where we are consumed by our passions, living with full potential, reaching regular states of flow, and continuously providing inspiration to others. A life with optimal physical, mental, and social well being. We only have one life, we need to live it to the fullest, live it well, and live it inspired.

The HealthOne Experience

Imagine you were part of a healthcare clinic that provided:


  • A concierge service to easily schedule appointments
  • All of your healthcare needs in one place
  • Practitioners that are passionate about wellness, prevention, and achieving optimal health
  • Fast access to specialty care
  • Physicians that put your needs first
  • Practitioners that understand your unique concerns
  • Encouragement to actively participate in your own care
  • Innovative technology
  • Completely integrated care with both medical and naturopathic doctors working together
  • Mindfulness meditation training for anxiety and performance
  • Weekly healthy living education sessions

The HealthOne Pillars

The world has changed, and we believe healthcare needs to change along with it.  At HealthOne our care will be:


The largest range of medical and wellness out-patient services in one place.

  • Prevention and wellness focused care
  • An inter-professional team-based approach to healthcare delivery
  • Naturopathic and allopathic practitioners working together


We utilize the latest health innovations to modernize your healthcare experience.

  • The latest innovations in healthcare delivery
  • A digitally-driven experience
  • Inspiring participation through personal health technologies


Delivering a truly personalized experience through specialized programs that encourage active participation.

  • HealthOne Rewards Program & HealthOne 360
  • Personalized diagnostic screening tests
  • Fast access to specialty care


We are creating a community that can support and encourage you on your journey of inspired living.

  • HealthOne Advocates
  • HealthOne Online
  • HealthOne Community Corner