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David Ruff
September 09th 2021
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Roman has been so helpful! I take a lot of stuff. Complicated situations and complicated insurances. Roman had been so patient and had fixed all of our issues. Really went above and beyond with everything. Darshanna is amazing. I don’t know if she still works there. She caught drug interactions for me. Amazing service. She handled all my prescriptions moving over from another pharmacy. Wish I knew her my whole life. Everyone should work with her.
Walee Malik
August 31st 2022
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I've been to many pharmacies before where I leave not knowing much about the medication I am taking. When I met Roman at HealthOneTO I was surprised at how much education he gave me about the medication and how helpful that was is understanding the role in my recovery. Thank you Roman for taking your time to explain and answer all my questions, you're doing a fantastic job.
Sarah Hitchcock
October 13th 2022
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Pharmacists always so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. By far the best pharmacy I’ve used globally.

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Medication & Supplements

smiling pharmacist writing prescription with patient

Prescription and Over the Counter Medication

At HealthOne’s onsite pharmacy, you can have all your prescription and health supplement needs met in one convenient location

We provide fast, efficient services in the same building as our other departments so you can easily attend appointments and fill prescriptions in the same place. Our pharmacy team is proud to offer our patients free delivery across Toronto and the GTA so you always have access to the medication you need when you need it. We also accept all insurance providers. 

To make your experience as seamless as possible, we offer a number of options for obtaining your prescription. We have an automated telephone refill system. Alternatively, you or your doctor can call our pharmacy directly to request a refill. Our pharmacy also offers over-the-counter medication and administers travel medication in a prompt and timely manner. 

Supplement and Vitamin Recommendations

At HealthOne, we believe health should be focused on diet, lifestyle, movement, and targeted supplements when needed.

For your convenience, our on-site pharmacy carries a variety of supplements and vitamins to support and enhance your healthy lifestyle journey. Supplements are important because they can replenish nutrient depletions and prevent deficiencies in the future. We carry a variety of premium supplement and vitamin brands to ensure you receive the best quality product for your needs. 

woman smiling holding a vitamin and glass of water
smiling travellers after travel medicine

Travel Medication

Before you travel, it’s crucial to protect your health and safety by having a travel consultation with a walk-in doctor. 

They will recommend appropriate vaccinations and medications based on where you’re travelling to, both of which can be fulfilled at our convenient on-site pharmacy. We carry a vast inventory of vaccines that are obtainable based on availability (we do not have Yellow Fever vaccinations). Once you have your vaccine, you return to our Medical Clinic for your shot.  

Our medical and pharmacy professionals are extensively trained in travel healthIn addition to recommending and administering vaccines, we offer suggestions on best practices and additional prescriptions to minimize injury and illness during your travels. 


Assessment and Treatment of Minor Illness

At HealthOne, our pharmacists are here to play an active role in your health. 

They are highly skilled in assessing and treating minor conditions and ailments. By visiting our pharmacy, you can look forward to receiving effective treatment for your concerns. Our team will use their specific experience in minor ailment services along with the latest health practices and tools. 

When you visit our pharmacists, you can feel at ease knowing they can refer you to other healthcare providers where necessary while providing you with comprehensive care. Appointments are available to book ahead of time or on a walk-in basis. Additionally, our pharmacists offer virtual appointments as well as in-person visits. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience high-quality healthcare with our HealthOne pharmacists. Your well-being is our priority and we’re committed to supporting you! 

Please keep in mind that these visits are covered by OHIP. Private insurance does not cover these services. Out-of-pocket expenses cost $19 for in-person consultations and $15 for virtual consultations.  

Ailments Covered
Urinary tract infection (UTI)*, PMS and cramps, Heartburn / reflux, Hemorrhoids, Vaginal yeast infection (vaginal candidiasis), Threadworms and pinworms, Morning sickness
Eyes & Nose Pink eye (conjunctivitis), Allergies – stuffy nose (allergic rhinitis)
Mouth Cold sores (oral herpes labialis), Canker sores, Oral fungal infection
Skin Skin rash (dermatitis), Skin allergies (hives/itch), Skin infection (impetigo), Acne (mild), Insect and tick bites
Aches and Pains Muscle aches and pains (sprains and strains), Hemorrhoids
Children and Babies Diaper Rash
* Our pharmacists are experts in helping with simple urinary tract infections (UTIs), as per the guidelines for minor health issues. While they can effectively treat UTIs, there are times when it’s best to see a doctor or nurse. This might be if you’re pregnant, have a weakened immune system, get UTIs often, or were assigned male at birth.
Toronto pharmacist treating patient with a minor ailment

FAQs on Assessment and Treatment of Minor Illness

What is a minor illness?

A minor illness is a common condition that usually requires minimal intervention. Examples include urinary tract infections, cold sores, yeast infections, and other conditions. 

How can a pharmacist help?

A pharmacist will use their expertise to assess the minor illness and symptoms you are experiencing. They will provide appropriate care which may include prescribing treatment, recommending over-the-counter medications and suggesting appropriate self-care strategies. 

What happens after the assessment?

The pharmacist may prescribe a treatment, recommend an over-the-counter option, suggest self-care strategies, or refer you to a Physician.

How do I access this minor illness service?

You can book an appointment online or come in for a walk-in appointment. We offer both in-person and virtual services. 

Medication Delivery

HealthOne’s pharmacy is pleased to offer our patients free delivery across Toronto and the GTA.

We understand the importance of having your medication accessible when you need it, and can conveniently ship your medications and supplies directly to your home, office, or mailbox. Our pharmacy takes extra care in ensuring special packaging for items that require refrigeration and offer safe and confidential services. We also accept all major drug insurance plans. 

You can fill new prescriptions via email and refill existing prescriptions via email or phone. Deliveries will be done same-day before 4 pm, and any order placed after 4 pm will be delivered next-day.  

staff delivering medication at home
vaccination being put in a patient's arm

Immunization and Vaccinations

Vaccinations play an important role in the maintenance and protection of people’s health. This is why our pharmacy team offers immunization services: to help more people resist infection and reduce the spread of disease, which in turn keeps other people protected. 

Groups including elderly people, people who are sick, and infants who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated are more vulnerable to developing infections. Staying vaccinated reduces the spread of illness and disease to these populations and results in a community with a higher immunity overall. 

Our clinic provides many different immunizations including flu shots, regular pediatric vaccinations, vaccinations related to immigration or elderly patients with weakened immune systems. 

Examples of the vaccinations offered at HealthOne include:

BacteriaTyphoid, Pneumonia, Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus
VirusRota Virus, HPV Virus, Shingles Virus, Herpes, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Polio, Haemophilus Influenzae,
Meningitis, Measles, (German Measles), Varicella (Chicken pox)
ShotsAllergy Shots, Birth Control Shots, Vitamin B12 Shots, Vitamin D Shots, Flu Shots
TestsTB Skin Tests, Quick Strep Tests, Urine Pregnancy Tests, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Tests, STD Tests.
OthersBlood Work and Basic Lab Tests

Blister Packs

At HealthOne, we believe that effective patient care means being able to take your prescribed medications at the dosage, time, and frequency recommended by your doctor.

In some cases, people may have difficulty adhering to medication schedules from barriers such as visual impairment or using multiple medications at once. 

This is why our pharmacy at HealthOne offers our patients the convenient option of blister packs, a useful packaging option for separating doses of medication. Blister packs are sealed and medication is obtained via push-through tabs. Offering compliance packaging is one of the many things our pharmacy does to ensure medication is accessible to all patients. 

handing patient blister pack medication

Basic Compounding

Compounded medications are mixed and prepared specifically for the patient’s needs. At the HealthOne Pharmacy, we offer basic compounding services. 

pharmacists who offer basic compounding

Counselling Services

pharmacist reviewing medication for patient

Personalized Medication Reviews

Our aim at the HealthOne pharmacy is to deliver an exceptional and personalized experience to each patient. 

As part of this, our pharmacists offer personalized medication reviews to provide you with a better understanding of your medication and unique health needs. During a private consultation, one of our pharmacists will address any problems you are having with medications, answer questions, and provide advice on how you can live a healthy life in the future. They can also educate you about how the prescription, overthecounter, herbal, or natural product you are using can affect your health. 

Disease Management and Counselling

Our pharmacists can play an integral role in your care approach if you suffer from a chronic disease. 

They can create and implement unique care plans, complete assessments, and counsel you about best practices for your medication regimen. HealthOne’s knowledgeable pharmacists can also prevent the progression or complication of chronic conditions by addressing them in their early stages. They work closely with our Medical and Naturopathic doctors to ensure efficient cross-department communication about your prescription and medication needs. 

healthy meal to prevent disease
smoking cessation patch to quit smoking

Smoking Cessation Program

Quitting smoking can be difficult, but with the right resources and tools you can successfully begin the journey to better health. 

HealthOne’s Pharmacy has a smoking cessation program that is supported by the Ontario Government for Ontario Drug Benefit recipientsIt is also covered by OHIP. 

Our pharmacists have a variety of skills and tools available to support your smoking cessation. They are trained in motivational interviewing, can provide you with various quit smoking materials, and can help you establish a plan to quit smoking. In addition, our pharmacists can provide individual counselling sessions to further support your decision to quit, which typically occur over the course of one year. We take an empathetic, professional approach to our work and will do our best to support and improve your health. 

Support Services

Medical Household Sharps Collection

There are various medical conditions that require the use of medical sharps. Once these sharps have been used, they must be disposed of safely and properly.

The safest and easiest way of achieving this is by bringing them to a pharmacy that offers the HPSA return program. At the HealthOne pharmacy, we offer this support service to our patients to avoid harm to other people, pets, and city workers while providing an environmentally friendly disposal method at the same time. We accept needles, safety-engineered needles, lancets and similar instruments. We do not accept glucose meters, IV bags, or cotton swabs.