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Psychotherapists are registered health professionals that have completed rigorous training in the theories and practices of helping people improve their mental health. This training also includes professional supervised internships. Once completed, this allows the professional to register in one of the following Colleges – Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Our Registered Psychotherapists work with individuals, couples, and families to improve mental health and well-being. They can provide you with assistance by using a variety of evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Psychodynamic therapy, and other specialized modalities that include Dialectical Behavioral therapy, Gottman Method Couples therapy and Narrative therapy.

Clients typically seek assistance from our Psychotherapists when they need a non-biased point of view in their personal life, are in distress, or feel that they are facing problems in any area of their life such as family, relationships, social life, work, and/or career.

You can trust that you will receive expert guidance, advice and effective counselling for your concerns.

  • Manage emotions and overcome burnout, anxiety, depression, stress
  • Receive guidance, advice, and counselling for your concerns
  • Personalized treatment plans for individuals, couples, children and families

Registered Social Worker

HealthOne’s experienced Registered Social Workers are members of our team who have received a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) with a clinical focus from the most highly-regarded graduate schools in the field.

They have top level experience gained by rigorous training in theories, practice of social work, and professional supervised internships. Once completed, this allows the professional to register in the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers to be licensed to practice psychotherapy.

Our team of Registered Social Workers are available to guide and support you manage and reduce stress, optimize your mental stamina, improve your mood, get rid of distractions caused by anxiety, anger, depression, and avoid work-related burnout.

  • Counselling based on evidence-based modalities
  • Optimize your psychosocial and social functioning
  • Available for individuals, couples, children, families, and groups


Adam Brotherwood

MSW, BSW, RSW – Social Worker

Adam has provided counselling for over 10 years working with adults, children, youth, and families in Los Angeles and Toronto. He is a highly experienced Social Worker with specific experience in rehabilitation and chronic pain, providing counselling in regards to anxiety, depression, crisis, and life changes. Adam has trained and practiced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused, Narrative, hypnosis for anxiety and chronic pain, and family therapy. He strives to work with you in a non-biased, non-judgmental, supportive, and open approach. He also aims to create a caring environment for each one of his patients. By focusing on your values, goals, culture, and lived experiences, he will provide you with an effective and individualized therapy experience.


Feven Gebremicael

MPA, MSW, RSW – Social Worker & Therapist

Feven believes that ‘meeting people where they are’ is the basis for a strong therapeutic relationship. She works at creating a nonjudgmental, safe, and comfortable space where people can be themselves and talk about difficult issues. Feven is skilled at understanding what people are really asking for and explores how each person’s unique skills and talents can be used to create positive and sustainable change.

Feven has significant experience working with individuals, couples, and families, and takes pride in her ability to connect in a genuine way with a variety of clients, tailoring her approach in a way that best honors client’s abilities. She is trained in a variety of clinical models, including Solution-Focused, Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotionally-Focused, and Narrative. She takes a person-centered approach and believes that the therapeutic relationship is built on trust, respect, compassion, acceptance, validation, and understanding. Feven consistently demonstrates attentiveness to engage in the client’s’ internal resources and their potential to create positive changes in their lives. Through insight, self-awareness, and the acquisition of tools geared towards coping with life’s challenges, she believes that the therapeutic process is invaluable in nurturing and supporting clients.

Feven will be accepting new clients and appointments in February 2021.

Nelani Ratnalingam

MSW – Social Worker

Nelani aims to create a nurturing, non-judgmental atmosphere for her clients where they can embrace their authentic selves. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University and has worked with children, students, adults, and families in various contexts including mental health settings, residential addiction treatment facilities, and crisis situations. Nelani’s areas of focus include depression, anxiety, relationships, life transitions, self-esteem, trauma, and other mood concerns, among others. She is registered with The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) and is a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW).

Outside of work, Nelani’s hobbies include travelling, exploring new restaurants, relaxing with her loved ones, and fine-tuning her culinary skills.


Stephanie Mather

MCP, RP – Psychotherpaist

Stephanie is a Registered Psychotherapist providing therapy to individuals who are struggling to make sense of life, relationships, and the challenges they face. She is committed to supporting patients in attaining their goals and creating the life they want. She can help you explore how to increase resilience, manage strong emotions, and replace destructive behaviours with effective means of coping. Stephanie obtained a Master’s of Psychology Counselling from Adler University in Vancouver, BC after completing a double major in Psychology and Global Development. She has worked in community, private sector and hospital settings. Her approach is primarily shaped by Narrative Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), among others. Stephanie is also member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, as well as the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. Outside of work, you can find Stephanie trying out new recipes in her kitchen or attending a hot yoga class.



Individual Counselling

HealthOne’s team of therapists offers the support you need to accomplish goals or deal with challenging obstacles in your life. We are committed to providing top-notch help, expert guidance, advice and counseling for the issues you are facing. Topics you may want to discuss with a member of our team during an individual counselling session include wellness, personal growth, career changes and development, grief and trauma, relationships, eating disorders, mood problems, anxiety, anger management and general mental health.

Our Professionals take an individual and unique approach with each client to assist you in optimizing your life and helping you feel better. The techniques they may use can include standard therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic therapy, and other specialized modalities that include Dialectical Behavioural therapy, Gottman Method Couples therapy, Narrative therapy, Expressive therapies and other modalities.

The trusting therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist at HealthOne is developed over time. We invite you to schedule a Complimentary “Meet and Greet” appointment to ask any questions you may have and meet our team before scheduling an initial consultation.

Our therapists specialize in providing Individual Counselling.

  • Guidance on life challenges including stress, burn-out, anxiety, depression
  • Techniques based on standard therapy and specialized modalities
  • Individualized approach tailored to your needs

Couples Counselling

HealthOne’s team of therapists can provide counselling to support and help manage issues you may be experiencing in your relationship. Communication, trust issues, relationship anxiety, intimacy, major life transitions, parenting, and dealing with grief are all areas of concern that can be addressed by working with a member of our team.

In couples counselling, you will work with our therapists to develop and improve communication styles, interpersonal effectiveness skills, and emotion regulation techniques. We take a person-centered approach in our counselling strategies and will work with you to build on core values including trust, respect, compassion, acceptance, validation, and understanding.

There are many reasons a couple may initiate marital or couples counselling including; rediscovering passion, marriage issues, learning to navigate disagreements and conflict resolution, concerns in raising children, overcoming financial challenges, to work through infidelity, future planning and creating joint goals, and setting goals together to improve current relationship dynamics.

Assessment from a non-biased therapist can greatly help you resolve these issues and work towards an improved connection with your partner.

Our therapists specialize in providing Couples Counselling.

  • Learn to navigate relationship challenges with a trusted professional
  • Improve communication skills
  • Work to create meaningful life goals as a team

Family Counselling

At HealthOne, our team is passionate about supporting mental wellness in family units. Family counselling aims to strengthen and enhance the lives of families, couples and individuals through specific techniques and collaboration.

This type of counselling can be beneficial for two or more members of the family who want to gain understanding, work through issues, enhance communication, or resolve conflicts. Some families may wish to improve and maintain current relationships, while some may be navigating a stressful event that was a trigger for initiating therapy.

HealthOne’s team of therapists take an individualized approach with each individual and relationship during family counselling. Our professionals are skilled in working with individuals ranging from children, adolescents, adults, to older adults, as well as your family members and partners. We aim to empower each persons’ abilities and help create positive change within their relationships.

Our therapists specialize in providing Family Counselling.

  • Learn specific techniques to collaborate as a family
  • Enhance communication, navigate issues, and resolve conflicts
  • Gain insight and understanding into the perspectives of family members

Anxiety Counselling

At HealthOne, our experienced therapy team will seek to understand your unique experience of anxiety and provide insight and suggestions to support your challenges.

Anxiety has become one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health concerns in North America and is a frequent reason that individuals seek therapy. It is defined as a prolonged and complex emotional state that occurs when you anticipate a future situation that may involve a personally distressing, unpredictable, and uncontrollable threat to your well-being.

Common symptoms of anxiety include; feeling constantly tense or worried, experiencing thoughts that interfere with daily responsibilities, being distraught by fears you know are irrational, avoidance of certain life experiences known to trigger anxiety, and sudden panic attacks.

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety and interested in receiving professional help, our mental health experts can work with you to provide an individualized approach best suited to your needs. The best way to figure out if our services will effectively help treat your anxiety is to book a free Meet and Greet appointment and discuss specifics with one of our clinicians.

Our therapists specialize in providing Anxiety Counselling.

  • Unique approach to best support your situation and needs
  • Insight on the challenges you’re facing and potential treatment options
  • Suggestions on how to navigate your anxiety

Meet and Greet

A Meet and Greet is the first step towards finding the right member of our team for you and your unique needs. It can be done virtually or on-site.

During this brief session you will meet the clinician and get a sense of “fit” and also receive introductory information about the clinician’s personal style and approach, which varies from one clinician to the other.

If you’re interested in meeting more than one member of the HealthOne therapist team, you can schedule introductory sessions with more than one clinician.

  • Ask about the professional’s approach to your situation
  • Find out how the therapist generally works with clients
  • Get a sense whether the therapist is a good “fit” for your needs
  • When you are confident moving forward, the next step is to schedule an appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can therapy really help?

A good therapist can help you cope with feelings, learn problem solving skills, and change behavior patterns that may contribute to your symptoms. Many people find that working with a therapist over time provides significant relief from chronic emotional issues. It can also provide you with greater clarity and a stronger sense of empowerment.

At HealthOne, we want each of our clients to understand that although therapy results are not immediate, they can have incredibly beneficial and positive impacts on your life over time.

Remember that you can always be completely open with your therapist, and if you feel a certain technique is not working, you can discuss your experience and expectations together.


Why go to therapy?

Mental health counselling can benefit people struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, and mental health concerns. The primary goal of therapy is to improve your quality of life and well-being.

There is a common misconception that something must be seriously ‘wrong’ with your mental health in order to benefit from therapy. However, many people find speaking with a mental health professional can help them navigate their lives more successfully.

Mental health concerns are also very common, and many people try to cope with these challenges on their own. However, a safe space to share our experiences, receive support through our everyday struggles and challenges, learn valuable evidence-based techniques, and deepen our sense of self, can be incredibly valuable for living an inspired life.

Our superlative team of professionals are prepared to offer you the support you need to accomplish your goals, develop strategies to enhance the enjoyment of your life, or get over life obstacles. They can help you deal with problems ranging from temporary responses to circumstances (burnout, transitions, break-ups, grief, work related problems, immigration, etc.) to mood conditions (depression) and anxiety-related problems (anxiety, panic, phobias, ADHD).


What is online therapy?

Online therapy is a form of mental health therapy where you attend sessions via video-chat or telephone. This allows you to access our registered mental health professionals from the comfort of your home, which can replace in-office therapy sessions.

All online therapy sessions at HealthOne are done on a privacy-secured platform that is HIPPA compliant.  We encourage you to click here to book a virtual appointment.


 Is my therapy session confidential?

Our team believes that confidentiality is a cornerstone of all forms of talk-therapy. We understand that knowing you can speak openly and honestly with your therapist helps to build a strong relationship and feel more secure about your experience.

All of HealthOne’s therapists are legally and ethically bound to keep their sessions confidential. Your therapist must get your written consent to release personal health information about you to any other member of your health care team, including a consultation about your treatment with your family doctor or psychiatrist.

To protect your safety, the only exception to this rule is if your therapist has a reason to believe you may harm yourself or others. In this case, they must turn to the appropriate resources in order to make sure that you (or others) are safe from harm.


How many sessions do I need?

Some therapies are short and quick. You can use our services to help manage stress or find a solution to your unique circumstance using short-term focused approaches.

Some therapies require a medium length process.  You can use treatment for mood problems like depression, relationship or anxiety concerns.

Lengthier treatments, which depend on your symptoms, are available for more stressful concerns. There are treatments to help with recurring problems such as relationship patterns, mental illness, health conditions, impulse control issues such as disorderly eating, online addictions, problematic substance use, and trauma.

HealthOne’s team is available to guide and support you as you manage and reduce stress, optimize your mental stamina, improve your mood, get rid of distractions caused by anxiety, anger, and depression, and avoid work-related burnout.

HealthOne’s team of registered mental health professionals can provide effective, individualized support and treatment while helping you live an inspired life.

A member of our team can guide and support you as you manage and reduce stress, optimize your mental stamina, improve your mood, get rid of distractions caused by anxiety, anger, and depression, and avoid work-related burnout.

Although most people can handle certain obstacles on their own, it is invaluable to have support when life becomes particularly challenging.

Our professionals offer guidance and insight adapted to your unique situation. They have helped many  successful, and happy individuals stay on course towards their goals and get back in the driver’s seat of their life. You can trust that you will receive top-notch help, expert guidance, advice and effective counselling for your concerns.

We look forward to helping you take action and guide you in the creation of a life that’s truly inspired.

Clinic Features
  • Several disciplines of mental health professionals working in one place
  • Support for all the obstacles life gives you
  • Empowerment for creating a life that inspires you

Our team of industry leaders are passionate about creating a holistic approach to healthcare. We combine our strengths and expertise to offer effective treatment options and support for our patients.

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