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At HealthOne, we promote proactive health strategies for early detection of ocular diseases by recommending annual eye exams to our patients. Our knowledgeable optometrists and technicians are committed to your complete eye care.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

A comprehensive eye exam can reveal certain aspects of your eyes that may require further attention and treatment. Often times, these findings confirm the symptoms you may already have been experiencing but thought nothing much could be done about it. Our clinic implements the use of the latest technology to ensure your eyes are working at its best and recommend proactive approaches to keep it at its best.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to those who do not wish to wear eye glasses daily. With today’s technology, the lenses are becoming more breathable and comfortable, allowing for longer wear time and clearer vision. Ask our optometrists if you are a candidate for contact lenses and have your eyes professionally fitted for a pair.


Our optical boutique features the latest trends in eye wear today. Whether you are looking for your everyday pair of glasses, or something to help you during a certain situations, ask our staff what options are available to you.

Tired of your glasses sliding down your nose? We also feature a bespoke spectacle service using the latest technology to custom tailor frames exactly for your face.

Blue Blocking Technology

Computer, phone, tablet screens emit a lot of blue light which is not the healthiest for human eyes. Long term exposure may impact your sleep schedule and even cause macular damage over time. Ask our staff for a demonstration of these specialized blue blocking computer lenses to see how you protect your eyes from your screen.

Dry Eye Therapy with I-MED Pharma

Being on a computer is the new norm and dry eye symptoms are appearing more frequently. A healthy tear film consists of a water layer and an oil layer, and our doctors can determine if an insufficiency of either is leading to your symptoms.

At HealthOne, we use the innovative I-PEN Osmolarity System, the world’s first point-of-care, electronic diagnostic device that measures tear film osmolarity associated with marginal, mild, moderate, and severe dry eye disease.

As chronic dry eyes may lead to other complications, the I-PEN test is accurate, quick to administer, minimally invasive, affordable, and can give you peace of mind about your dry eyes. If you are on a screen for a majority of your day, this test can provide you valuable insight into how to best care for your dry eyes.

In conjunction with I-MED Pharma, it is our mission to provide the most thorough care available to each and every patient. We strive to maximize education, helping each patient understand all aspects of their vision and preventative eye health.