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Jessica Bonzon

Jessica holds a Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (DOMP), and received her training in Paris. She has a positive and gentle approach to patient care. After she experiencing the healing effects of osteopathy, she developed a keen interest in holistic health and decided to enroll in a five-year full-time program at IDO School of Osteopathy in Paris.After graduating, she established a busy practice for 4 years in central Paris, while teaching anatomy and clinical practice training to osteopathic’s students. Her treatments combine mobilizations, visceral, cranial-sacral and fascial techniques to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities. Jessica has also been involved in the performing arts, an environment she is very passionate about. She has worked as an Osteopath for musical theatre shows, dance companies, and various singers, giving highly tailored treatments to address artists’ specific needs.

Aiming to continue her professional development, she studied kinesiology taping, posturology, and cupping, and plans soon to deepen her understanding in Chinese medicine. In 2019, she decided to settle in Toronto to take up new professional challenges, and is now a member of the Canadian Society for Traditional Osteopathy (SO.CA.T.O).

In 2020, Jessica won 1st place/Diamond status for Best Manual Osteopathic Practitioner in the Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards.