Dr. Jaspreet Khun-Khun

Jaspreet graduated in 2013 with an MD from the Medical University of the Amercas in Nevis. She then moved on to train with the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa in family medicine from 2015-2018. Jaspreet was driven to medicine not only because of her academic interest, but its’ ability to allow her to connect with diverse populations and have a positive impact on people and communities. Her passion for family medicine lies in preventative care and its ability to help individuals reach their specific health goals. In her work, Jaspreet believes in setting personal goals for health and identifying what type of lifestyle is comfortable and sustainable for each individual. Her future ambitions include establishing a practice that she can grow with and becoming involved in her community to raise awareness surrounding health and wellness.

Jaspreet’s hobbies and interests outside of work include travelling, reading, swimming and volleyball.