HealthOne Hub

The HealthOne Hub is an innovative retail and experience center.  Our passionate Health Advocates will assist you with all of your healthcare needs.  The Hub allows you to conveniently schedule your appointments right in the PATH of downtown Toronto.


Our healthcare retail center provides a collection of expert-curated and top rated healthcare technology, devices, and wearables to inspire healthy living for your entire body and mind.  It brings together our leading industry partners to provide a new level of healthcare experience.  From Village Juicery green juice to Muse meditation device, we’ve got you covered.  If you are looking for inspiration to take your health to the next level, the HealthOne hub is the place to be.

Community Corner

A place for our health-conscious community to come together, learn, and get inspired to experience elevated wellness.  This is where our renowned physicians and healthcare experts will conduct engaging education sessions on their unique areas of expertise.  We would love to have you as part of our community.  View our full schedule of upcoming events here.

Health Advocates

Our team of enthusiastic Health Advocates are located within the HealthOne Hub to guide you on your journey towards inspiring living.  With backgrounds in holistic nutrition and personal training, our Health Advocates will help you to identify and book the right healthcare services and answer any questions regarding our innovative healthcare products.

Health Advocates

Our enthusiastic Health Advocates can be found at the HealthOne Hub to guide you on your journey towards inspiring living! With backgrounds in holistic nutrition and personal training, our Health Advocates are passionate about helping others live healthy lives. They will help you to identify and book the right healthcare services for your needs, and are very knowledgeable in answering questions about our innovative healthcare products.

Angelina Saraceni

BA, CNP - Patient Care Coordinator

Angelina has always had a strong passion for natural health and overall wellness. Throughout her education, past career experiences as well as her own personal health journey, she has truly come to understand the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare, making sure to evaluate all aspects of one’s life in order to create balance.

Angelina believes that above all, our mental health is the ultimate key to reaching our optimal state of well-being. She is excited to see the future of health change for the better as we continue to educate and bring more awareness to this approach.

Emily Dawson

BA, RHN - Patient Care Coordinator

As a holistic nutritionist, Emily is passionate about everything related to health and wellness. She is a true advocate for the relationship between food, health, and wellbeing. Her personal experience with health issues allowed her to see the true healing power of nutrition first-hand. Emily believes that a more holistic and preventative approach is the future of our health culture, and is excited to be part of this forward shift in thinking.

Matthew Marsella

PTS BHS CNP Health Advocate

Matthew has a tremendous passion for health and fitness and loves to help people achieve an optimal state of being, both physically and emotionally. His previous experience as a supplement advisor allowed him to develop extensive knowledge of nutrition and the benefits of supplementation. He enjoys helping others achieve their goals on the path to a healthy and happy life.

Michael DaCosta

BA CNP Health Advocate

Michael brings his enthusiasm for sports nutrition to the HealthOne team. He aspires to combine this passion with his training as a holistic nutritionist to work with combat athletes in optimizing their diets for performance. When not helping others at HealthOne, you might find Michael studying psychology or practicing martial arts!

Shari Cain

RHN PTS Health Advocate

Shari developed her interest in health and wellness and as a holistic nutritionist. She loves using her knowledge and experience to help people live healthier and happier lives. Shari educates and empowers others to take a holistic approach to their health, since it entails so much more than diet and exercise alone. She is very interested in the gut-brain connection and achieving optimal cognitive function.

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