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Gurdev Vaid

Gurdev Vaid is a highly passionate and dedicated Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the College of massage therapist of Ontario and the Canadian Massage and Physiotherapy Association. She graduated from Oxford College Burlington in 2018 and got a chance to volunteer among various hospitals across Hamilton, Burlington, and Grimsby as a student of massage therapy.

Gurdev has many years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist/occupational therapist assistant where she enhanced her knowledge among treating orthopedic injuries such as sports injuries, MVA cases, work injuries by working under influence of physiotherapists.

She specializes in therapeutic massage with the intention of correcting postural deviations, as well as educating clients in self-care so that they progressively reach their goals. She trained among various physio and massage techniques such as deep tissue, active/trigger point release, myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, osteoarticular mobilization low to high grade, passive stretching, and various physical therapy modalities (IFC, EMS, TENS, and ULTRASOUND). She enjoying working with clients to resolve their chronic pains, headaches, degenerative conditions, and inflammatory conditions.

She is committed to providing the highest quality care to her clients by integrating patient-centered, evidence-based practice, and believes that team work is the key to success.