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Creating an Inspired Work Space with Ergonofis

Healthone Medical And Wellness Centre | June 3, 2019

Ever feel like your current work environment isn’t supporting your inspired living goals? At HealthOne, we understand that moving regularly is easier said than done when it comes to our modern work environment. Spending your days sitting at the computer can create long periods of sedentarity for even the most active individuals, leading to increased […]


11 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Practice

Healthone Medical And Wellness Centre | April 15, 2019

Through Vipassana retreats, readings, mentors, and self-practice our HealthOne team has learned several strategies to improve the quality and quantity of meditation sessions. We strongly believe that through dedicating yourself to a regular meditation practice, you can not only reduce stress and anxiety, but build mental strength and resilience. Here are a few of our […]


Active and Pain-Free Living with Bauerfeind

Healthone Medical And Wellness Centre | April 10, 2019

At HealthOne, we believe no one should have to live life in pain or discomfort, and are excited to partner with Bauerfeind to bring their modern medical aid solutions to the downtown PATH.  HealthOne has created a healthy living partnership with Bauerfeind Canada to provide world-class bracing and compressions that will support you on your […]


Muse®: Technology Enhanced Meditation

Healthone Medical And Wellness Centre | April 1, 2019

At HealthOne, we are passionate about proactively working on our cognitive health through meditation and mindfulness training.  Combined with our love of the latest and most cutting-edge technology, we couldn’t be happier to announce our new healthy living partner, Muse® by Interaxon Inc. Muse®: Technology Enhanced Meditation Muse is a brain sensing headband that uses […]


Invisalign®: 6 Steps To Loving Your Smile

Healthone Medical And Wellness Centre | March 11, 2019

HealthOne is proud to announce our new healthy living partner, Invisalign by Align Technology!  Invisalign offers so much more than an aesthetically advanced alignment experience.  Their innovative dental technology that takes the practice of orthodontics to a new level. It is clear (no pun intended) that Invisalign has become incredibly popular, especially among adults who […]


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